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Mikes Dream, how it all started.
About the artist
Galleries where you can see my work
Sculptures (wall, standing)
Sculptures (tabletop)
Candle holders, and stands
Lamps, lanterns, lighting
Furniture: tables, chairs, room dividers and more
Wine Racks, Wine Bottle Characters
Jewlery, crosses, vases
Pen Holders
Birdhouses, fountains, yard art
Ornamental Gates, Railings
Photos from Michael's metal art show At Dunns Attic in Ormond Beach on meet The artist nite
Custom Fabricating: construction / industrial / marine
Horse carts, equestrian art and supplies
Auto Racing Fabrications, race car chassis, parts
Auto racing history of Michael Luddeni Jr.
Racing photos
East Windsor N.J. Speedway 1982
East Windsor N.J. Speedway 1981
1980 Flemington N.J. Speedway
Racing Sponsorship Opportunieties


Michael C. Luddeni, Jr.


Michael C. Luddeni, Jr.

3767 Plantation Drive

Ormond Beach, FL  32174




As a young boy I was fascinated by auto racing and desperately wanted to drive race cars.  Not having the money or someone to buy me a race car didn’t stop me.  I learned the necessary metal working skills so I could build my own race car and was driving in races at the age of seventeen.


Now I am using the metal working skills and equipment I have acquired for making fine metal art and sculptures.


I design a wide range of metal art and sculptures in modern, contemporary, European, natural and Early American styles to name a few.


I also custom build to my clients specifications, creating anything that can be imagined.  My medium consists of mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plastics and wood.


My work expresses my love of nature and unique creativity.


 Below is a partial list of my works:


            Life size palm trees made from steel

            Cattails – both life sized and scaled down made from steel

            Banana trees – life sized and scaled down made from steel

            Life sized sunflowers made from steel

            Life sized fish made from steel

            Steel butterflies

            Wall sculptures of various sizes and styles

            Candle holders and candelabras

            Custom gates

            Custom dividers


I have done custom work for clients across the USA and have done work for Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and other major parks.



 Call or email for more information.