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Mikes Dream, how it all started.
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Mikes Dream, how it all started.
About the artist
Galleries where you can see my work
Sculptures (wall, standing)
Sculptures (tabletop)
Candle holders, and stands
Lamps, lanterns, lighting
Furniture: tables, chairs, room dividers and more
Wine Racks, Wine Bottle Characters
Jewlery, crosses, vases
Pen Holders
Birdhouses, fountains, yard art
Ornamental Gates, Railings
Photos from Michael's metal art show At Dunns Attic in Ormond Beach on meet The artist nite
Custom Fabricating: construction / industrial / marine
Horse carts, equestrian art and supplies
Auto Racing Fabrications, race car chassis, parts
Auto racing history of Michael Luddeni Jr.
Racing photos
East Windsor N.J. Speedway 1982
East Windsor N.J. Speedway 1981
1980 Flemington N.J. Speedway
Racing Sponsorship Opportunieties

This is how it all started.


Mike’s  dream 


When I was a little kid I had a dream to be a race car driver, I grew up poor, my parents divorced but I was determined, everyone I asked for help and guidance laughed at me and said forget it because Racing takes so much money and I would never have the money to buy a race car. They said you will never make it. I spent my years working hard and gaining knowledge and learning what I needed to build my own race car, I helped out other racers on their cars, volunteered to be on pit crews and whatever else I could do to learn. I didn’t have the money to buy quality materials to build my cars with but that didn’t stop me, I was determined. I would pick up old  washers, dryers, refrigerators and other appliances out of the trash and cut them apart to have the sheet metal to make my race car bodies, I would also pick up trashed bicycles to make suspension parts  from the tubing of bicycle frames. I built my 1st race car and drove in my 1st race when I was 17 .... When I was 20 years old I was 2nd in the Flemington NJ Speedway late model stock car point standings and 2nd in the N.J. State late model stock car point standings. I'll never forget, the people that laughed at me came running up to me waving a racing magazine with a story of me being in position to walk away with the track and state championship. I did get into the lower levels of NASCAR but just couldn't get the sponsorship I needed to go further.

Contact Michael: (386) 235-4390

Michael Luddeni

3767 Plantation Dr. 

Ormond Beach Fl. 32174